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Yantannou SARKI


Often we sacrifice the best gifts we have for bright but fleeting things. These choices often or almost always lead us to serious problems that can even cost us our lives.

Let us know what is best for us.

Health is the best wealth we have. Its true value is revealed when we lose it. We often and even …

PASSION for NATURAL since 1990 !

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the income and benefits of communities through the trilogy of natural beekeeping - agro-food - ecotourism in order to provide populations with high quality natural products that improve their health and well-being with particular attention to the environment and ethics. The Yamtaanu brand of "Ets Les Triangles" is registered with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI).


Our Products

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Our beekeeping training is 30% theoretical and 70% practical !

Our services

Study, consultation and animation on beekeeping

Purchase and sale of bee products

Purchase and sale of bee products

Training and organization in beekeeping

Installation of secure production apiaries

Installation of secure production apiaries

Forest management

Equipment, installation, monitoring, purchase of production and sale of finished products

Equipment, installation, monitoring, purchase of production and sale of finished products

Restoration of bee colonies without agricultural and forest areas

Design and construction of standardized world-class honey houses

Design and construction of standardized world-class honey houses

Conference room catering and rental

Located in the north of Benin less than half an hour’s drive from Parakou, Rucher Komiguea has everything of a little paradise. Its spectacular decor between private bay and lush vegetation. Its natural beauty, which can be found in the common rooms as well as in the bungalow rooms. Its many services, finally, which allow us to vary the pleasures throughout the stay: sports activities, dance lessons or tasting of wine and natural fruit juice, there is something for everyone !

Our brand products


  • The Great Honey of Benin

  • The Great Tea of ​​Benin

  • The Great Juices and Drinks of Benin

The Yamtaanu Honey Cake, a structured journey

The Yamtaanu brand Honey Cake is a product of great character. We practice natural beekeeping, in a cluster system with techniques and equipment that respect bees, plants and consumers. We do not use embossed wax, our bees secrete it naturally. Our bees are not fed at all, they feed all year round on nectar, pollen, honeydew, and use resins. All these resources, they find them in very rich natural pastures which are around their apiaries. We do not practice bee transhumance and do not breed queens. It is impossible for our products to contain traces of chemicals.

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Natural beekeeping



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What is honey ?

Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees (of the species Apis mellificat) from the nectar of flowers. Indeed, bees feed on nectar, a sweet liquid secreted by the nectaries of flowers. The bees forage the nectar, store it and transport it in their crops, the equivalent of a beef’s stomach. As soon as it is harvested and stored, the…

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